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PAUL (VECTRA) Chesterfield.

Just a note of appreciation for the care and support you gave my wife and I when our car was involved in a crisis.
At the time of the sudden incident. We both were unsure what we were going to do about getting our car safely looked after. Yes, We did have “greenflag” to dash out to attend to us. BUT! Beyond this first initial assistance was a worry where / who would accept our car with all our personal belongings inside it. Even francised dealerships don’t install confidence in customers that they will take your car into their care and from arriving at their premises. Place it securely in a place a safety.
I am registered disabled. Can only walk short distances due to spinal injury and heart condition. In the past, sadly my car had to be recovered to Vauxhall dealerships and I was left stranded miles from home with my car dumped just off the roadway (on the forecourts). No-one seemed to care where the recovery driver unloaded our car and us. The cost of repairs on top of the taxi fare home from Derby was costly. I then had to get back to the garage 6 days later to collect my car. (which had been left in a back yard compound and looked like it had been on rally.)

Thank you, with all my heart. That you helped us so much. You went way beyond what I expected as the recovery travelled across town. But on arrival at your company. I felt 100% reassured / relaxed that everything was going to ok. Words truly don’t express how grateful I am to have been introduced to your company. As I said when I was waiting for my car to be unloaded from the truck. “I didn’t know anything about you and if it had not been for the roadside rescue driver recommending you”. I would have been stressed to where they needed to take my car.

I do have local car repair places near my home (they dump customers cars behind the filling stations car wash for days / months. Others in the local area do NOT impress me to go near them.

Topflight is now my local car care company. The fact you have your own recovery truck gives me assurance that if I am out of an evening, Holiday time or weekend. I can get my car recovered to my home address and know it can be collected from my home to your garage for repair. Even Vauxhall Dealers won’t do this. I had my car brought home late evening, off the motorway near London. The following morning. I rang Vauxhall to get car booked in for repairs. They told me “if you get it here yourself. We can assess the work to be done and slot it into our workload when a space in workshop is found.”

Your prompt assistance in getting parts / tyre ordered impressed me greatly. I genuinely expected to be days / a week without being able to get around.

I have written a report / feedback for your “trusted trader” status. I’m proud to have done this for you. I have enclosed / attached a copy of my comments for you to see.
I have sent off the “good garage scheme” card. I am also letting family, friends and others know about you. Word of mouth goes miles more than radio, newspaper advertising.
Feedback from people who know what a professional company you are will always be sure to secure a steady development in your company. I know Ann mentioned that TopFlight had just moved due to requirement of larger premises. Yes, I can understand this. Like myself. New customers will more than often bring more trade to you.

Finding a company like topflight unless someone tells you they are there is virtually impossible. I would never have driven up the Storforth Lne est and selected which of the many car repair places up there would be a good chance to risk having work done by them.

You have a clean workshop. Welcoming staff attitude. Smart uniform appearance (even under the circumstances of dirty jobs on vehicles being part of everyday task). Your loan vehicle is a great thing for disable customers who have to rely on their car to get around. OK a bus pass is given to disabled. BUT buses only run on routes (main roads). Then walking to locations from bus stops is impossible. Riding on buses with a spinal injury is difficult too.
I read your company statement on your web site. I can say you have every right to make to comments of the service to customers you offer. NO WORDS are untrue or misleading in any way at all. You really do all you say.

Thank you once again for all your staff did for my wife and I.

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